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The staff of the SEC recently stated that a competent Chief Compliance Officer (“CCO”) must develop in-depth knowledge in nine areas.  A CCO must:

  1. Have first-hand knowledge of applicable laws and regulations including relevant exemptive orders;
  2. Develop a deep understanding of the firm and its operations and structures;
  3. Identify conflicts of interests and how they are reported and resolved;
  4. Understand the firm’s clients and products and how they affect profitability;
  5. Understand the firm’s compliance and technology platforms;
  6. Have detailed knowledge of the firm’s compliance policies and procedures and how they are applied and monitored;
  7. Gain an understanding of the markets in which the firm operates;
  8. Create an environment that puts the customers’ interests ahead of the firm’s interests such that the firm does what it should; not what it can.

The staff further stated that CCOs need to understand what they do not know and how to fill those subject matter and competency gaps.


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